Sinterfiltri - produce filters and silencers - Turin - Italy


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SINTERFILTRI has been operating since 1968 into International and European markets, with a staff of forty years experience, serving customers with high quality products.

Plant is located in Torino, northwest of Italy, covering around 2,200 square meters with including 1600 square meters indoor.

We produce filters and silencers using sintered spherical bronze, stainless steel and plastic.

Last ten years a significant market has been developed in porous plastic filters made of sintered polyethylene that allows to reach an high filtration efficiency level.

Our products are mainly used in pneumatic equipments but also in all those sectors where it is necessary to filter a fluid (liquid or gas) that is compatible with the materials used.

The Sinterfiltri has applied his knowledge to be more aligned with market needs; the company is constantly evolving and is particularly interested to innovations.

Continuous improvement philosophy and a Quality Management System are firmly in place and have been primary factors in success based on measurement of customer satisfaction, process improvements and product conformance.

Our greatest success stories result from technical experts working in close cooperation with our customers to develop effective design, processing material, and cost reduction solutions.

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